Goodbye Payse, Long live Payse

We are equally sad and happy to announce that the Payse app has reached its end of life. What happened? You may ask! Well long story short, Google changed its 'User Data Policy' & 'Terms of Service' for accessing Gmail API and unfortunately we are unable to comply our app with the new rules. Although, we put all our efforts to hold it as long as possible but the time has come now.

But don’t worry, we already made something for you guys. Let me introduce you to A whole new platform which is not only one but many steps ahead of its predecessor.

With, you don’t need to install the app, you don’t need to give excessive permissions of your precious email account and most important you don’t need to rely on single payment provider.

With we introduced UPI, Wallets, All Indian Debit Cards, Net Banking and what not. There are also choices for your favorite notifications platform. Isn't that great, Well if you say so...Yes.

But are all of those perks comes free? The truth is, like every other stuff, nothing which is good comes free. To make happen we have to go through a lot of things and these things comes with their own charges. For example, for every payment like UPI, we have to pay a fee over the transaction. Similarly, there are fees of servers and its maintenance and then there are lots of taxes involved as well.

Still, even after so many added cost of running and expenses, we were able to make pretty low. Yes, we understand that the current fee might not be suitable for everyone and many of you might not able to use it with the added fee, therefore, we promise you to lower the cost in future whenever possible but keep in mind that it’s only going to happen if we get your support towards the platform and grow in terms of both users and no. of messages. I hope we can look forward to this from this day onwards.

Cheers. Happy Streaming.